Meet Colin


Dedicated to change

I am a qualified level 4 PT specialising in Nutrition & Exercise Intervention for Obesity and Diabetes with a supporting level 3 qualification in Exercise Referrals. The approach I take is a holistic one whereby we work together not only on exercise and delivering the correct eating plan but also focusing on aligning your daily decision making to your long term goals, through increasing willpower, motivation and forming positive habits overcoming negative limiting beliefs, while developing self-belief. To this effect I am a certified Fitness Mind-Set Coach.  Being client centric and flourishing on their success, I’m driven to see others benefit in the same way. One theme that has consistently been part of my life is loyalty, trust and a keen interest in building a better ‘me’ either through professional progression or sporting achievements’. I relish meeting new clients with a variety of goals and joining them on their journey to being a better version of themselves.

 In my later years I continue to challenge myself through marathon running and have achieved a PB of 2:59 at the age of 49 (2015). The friendships that I’ve cemented through sport continue to thrive outside the sporting arena broadening my horizons and personal development.


What my clients say

"I've more energy, eating healthier, lost 8lbs and I'm a dress size smaller. What's great is that my daughter now wants to exercise with me"
Nancy Lott, Woodham Walter

"Working with Inspire has totally changed the way I feel and what I eat, it's an amazing 8 weeks. I lost 10lbs and dropped a dress size"
Jane Williams, Cocks Clark