Personal Training





The advantages of Personal Trainings is the accountability that it provides, the encouragement you receive, comradery and extra motivation to go that bit further, all under expert tutelage and guidance, therefore achieving better results quicker,I want you to train smarter not longer, combining vascular workouts with resistance work are shown to increase ‘fat burning’ by 9x more than separating the sessions.

Exercise should be part of your weekly diary and as you plan social events so you should make time to schedule workouts albeit gym, running, cycling, swimming, PT or a combination. The recommended amount of exercise is 30minutes 5 times a week. At INSPIRE I understand the ease at which certain routine can become mundane that’s why I'll provide varied workout that can change on a session to session basis avoiding repeat routines where possible.

The benefits of exercise far outweighs the effort needed to get maximum results, as a society we are ‘sleep walking ‘into type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease with two thirds of the population either overweight or obese comparing yourself to others is not the way forward. An increase in an individual’s body mass index increase the chance of several cancers you need to take action and take control of your health and wellbeing.  My aim is to educate and informclients giving them the knowledge base to make choices that will lead them out of complacency and inaction to lifestyle that is of their making, increase confidence and a more positive approach to life.


Inspire to run

At Inspire we are passionate that running provides many benefits from physical to emotional and sociable. Everyone has the capacity to run and I would like the opportunity to encourage and improve clients’ abilities either for pleasure or for competitive racing. To that extent I am a dedicated runner who has over thirty years’ experience & a host of impressive personal best.

  • 5k  18min 45sec
  • 10k 38min 50sec
  • 13miles 1hr 22min
  • 26miles 2hr 59min

These times were achieved in my forties. This isn’t to boast more so to show what can be done with 3/4 running sessions a week!

My philosophy is that running has to be combined with strength training. Sessions need to be varied and focused, no-one wants to spend monotonous hours at the same pace on the road/treadmill sapping energy and doing little to improve fitness or achieving the progression desired. If you are training for a fun run or a marathon I can design a program specifically for you and will run with you all the way up to and including race day, making sure my experience gives you the edge and support you need to reach the finishing line.


At INSPIRE we aim to create a boot camp whereby session are small and intimate we will not have large classes so clients can get ‘LOST’ at the back. Our sessions are run out of local amenity venues allowing us to bring the necessary equipment to give you that effective workout and can be organised directly or you can join existing groups depending on the availability of places.There are currently 4 exsisting group sessions in Stock.

  • Tuesday am9:15/10:30 Rectory Hall, Stock.
  • Thursday am 9:15/10:30 Rectory Hall, Stock.
  • Friday am      9:15/10:30 Village Hall, Stock.
  • Saturday am   7:30/8:30 Stock Common



your journey

When you train with Inspire I will be with you every step of the way, educating and encouraging you to achieve your goals and to be the person you want to be. 

It begins with a free consultation and overview followed by detailed analysis of the clients from eating habits to sleep patterns.I will provide an eating plan and Personal Training sessions complemented by home exercises on non PT days if required. A complementary advice service is provided whereby our clients are support by text,emailsduring their chosen program.