"Before I started working with Inspire I felt tired, often bloated, my fitness levels were low and I was carrying excess weight around my stomach. I’m now more awake, with higher energy levels, fitter more toned and sleeping better. My fitness levels have improved and exceeded my expectations. I’ve lost the fat around my waist, gained muscle, feeling good about myself and lost weight along the way. The eating plan gives you a way to eat that isn’t dieting more about healthier choices that is easy to follow and understand."
John Collins, Feb 2015

"WOW, where do I start I felt demotivated, unhealthy, depressed, fat and unattractive.I was worried that I wouldn't be able to cope with the exercises or hack the 8 weeks and embarrass myself. After the program I'm now more motivated, healthier and fitter with a new lease of life and have committed to another 8 weeks. I've reached a weight goal which is to be where I was 2 years ago but most of all I'm now fitter and feel better that's the best result.I've lost 2 stone dropped 2 dress sizes....Colin has been nothing but helpful and motivating, it certainly works."
Amy Welton, Stock, Feb 2015


"Prior to working with Inspire, I had been told there were only limited exercises that I could execute due to a back problem and therefore  I was out of condition and felt a failure as a result,with little confidence in the traditional health club environment. Inspire have tailored a program for me , working with my constraints. I am now enjoying a personal program which is helping to strengthen my core and back, while getting fit at the same time. I have achieved more than I ever thought possible, completing training exercises I would have never believed I could do and as a result I am happier, more confident and fitter. Sessions are varied which keeps it new and interesting, with the added challenge of learning new exercises the hour is always fun. Over the 8weeks I lost 5lbs, my stomach is flatter more toned, for me it was more about toning than weight loss but I've got so much more from the program and continue to train with Inspire. As Colin said 'it's not all about your back'...Thanks so much."
Michele Silvester, Stock, Feb 2015

"Before I worked with Inspire I felt sluggish and overweight, I was concerned about the exercise program as my fitness level was low and I had problems with my neck, shoulder and hip. Colin worked sympathetically with me easing the journey through listening and encouragement, he is inspirational and motivational. I've dropped a dress size lost 1/2 stone and inches from my waist, hips etc. I continue to work with Colin and reap the rewards both physically and emotionally. I wouldn't change the program in any way"
Elaine Ginnaw, Laindon, Jan 2015

"I've more energy, eating healthier, lost 8lbs and I'm a dress size smaller. What's great is that my daughter now wants to exercise with me"
Nancy Lott, Woodham Walter


"Working with Inspire has totally changed the way I feel and what I eat, it's an amazing 8 weeks. I lost 10lbs and dropped a dress size"
Jane Williams, Cocks Clark


"Before I worked with Inspire I'd get out of breath easily and felt unfit and fat. I was worried about working with a Personal Trainer but after our initial consultation I felt and easy and that I had made the right decision. After 10 weeks I lost 20lbs and feel so much better, fitter and a general sense of wellbeing. I've achieved my goal of losing weight but continue to train with inspire and reap the rewards. The foodplan was easy to follow and it's now part of my everyday life"
SG, Billericay

"Before I worked with Colin I felt demotivated and down about my weight and general outlook on eating and way of life. I was concerned that I wouldn’t find time in a busy schedule to commit to the training and healthy eating plan. After the eight weeks I’m now motivated, full of energy, eating well has become a way of life, mentally I’m more alert and generally feel good about myself. I lost ¾ stone and toned in areas I didn’t know existed, going from a full size 12 to a comfortable 10 with definition and confidence"
Phoebe Hall, Leigh on Sea

"Having never exercised before, I was concerned that I was very unfit and didn’t know how I was going to cope with the workouts. I felt continually tired, ill and aching. The eight weeks has transformed how I feel, I’ve lost a stone/ 1 dress size now I fit back into my clothes more comfortably.  I’m healthier and very fit.
Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the experience; I continue to train and would recommend the program"

Vicki Meredith, Essex



Our clients have seen the benefits of working with Inspire and would be happy to share their experiences, if you would like a first hand account we will arrange for you to speak with an appropriate client depending on your goals.